Musica gratis Heartbeat de Madonna. En el 2008 la reina del pop lanza su disco Hard Candy con 12 temas musicales entre Candy shop, 4 minutes, Give it 2 me, Heartbeat, Miles Away...

Artista: Madonna
Video musical: Heartbeat
Genero Musical: Musica pop

On any given night
Catch me on the floor
Working up the sweat
That's what music is for
I'd rather not explain
For me it's just usual

Once I get going I am gone
I keep it going all night long

You know I feel it in my heartbeat
It might feel old to you but to me it feels new
You know I feel it in my heartbeat
Don't you know, can't you see, when I dance I feel free
Which makes me feel like the only one
The only one
That the light shines on...